None - it's just a dream, and you wake up in Walt's car

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Status: Naked & Having a Nightmare

You awaken with a scream and realize you're still in Walt's car under a blanket at the drive-in. The movie's still playing on the screen. "Are you all right?" Walt asks. "I thought you'd dozed off, but you seemed like you were getting into the movie."

You blush. "Just a weird dream when I dozed off. I'm fine."

After a few uneventful moments, the movie comes to an end. "Can I take you anywhere?" Walt asks, giving you a nice smile. You're a bit unnerved after your nightmare, but how else are you going to get home? You accept and give him your address.

"I know where that is," Walt says. "I don't live that far from there." He drives you home, making small talk along the way. He's a pretty witty guy, and not bad-looking either.

At long last, you're back home. "Thanks for the lift," you say, smiling, and you feel a tingle between your legs as he smiles back. "Do you want to come in, have a drink? It's pretty late."

"Don't mind if I do."

You get the emergency key under your doormat and invite Walt in. You never do get around to putting anything else on, though. There's not much point - you and Walt spend most of the night making love to each other. He's a vigorous lover, and by the time you've finished for the night, you've lost track of how many orgasms you've had.

You wonder what you're going to tell your friends and family when they ask you how you met Mr. Right. It's going to make for one embarrassing story - if they even believe it!


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